Mohammad Sediq Afghan one of the greatest geniuses of the world

Sediq Afghan added by the UN and UNESCO to the List of Common Heritage of Mankind, is again on-stream among the activists for a New and Fair World! Sediq Afghan arrives in Chernihiv where he plans, in the near future, to hold World Forum presenting a New World Program. Worldwide fundamental changes are coming soon!

This article tells about world-famous Afghanistan-born mathematician, about his unique abilities to calculate the destinies of both individuals and entire countries and peoples, and the text of the last interview held on May 31, 2019.


BACKGROUND. Or how it could happen that Sediq became the “heritage of mankind”.

SECRET KNOWLEDGE. Sediq as a founder of mathematical philosophy learning the world.

MUHAMMAD SEDIQ and powerful players. Troubled relationship.

There is a thin line between LOVE and HATE. Or Sediq’s extraordinary adventures in the USSR.

HOW I KNEW about M. Sediq and his predictions about the USSR, Russia and Ukraine fate…

INTERVIEW/CONVERSATION with Sediq by Video Conference (on May 31, 2019)



Muhammad Sediq Afghan. Younger generation unlikely even heard this name. But two or three decades ago, this name dominated numerous mass media. He became famous as the greatest mathematician and forecaster of his time. He made accurate forecasts for many events happened in the world and some individuals fate by applying a unique mathematical formulas method. He predicted the collapse of the USSR, “August Coup”, September 11 attacks in the United States, President Barack Obama coming to power, conflict in Ukraine in 2014, and much more. In most cases, his forecasts came completely true. Even with the “schedule” break in some cases.

How he can do it? According to the scientist, modern world is an equation with many unknowns subjecting to strict logic, which means that life is ruled by mathematics. Sediq is a unique Oracle mathematician who solves equations of life and death, will and reason, necessity and chance, eternity and space. His own independence is appreciated by Mohammed above and beyond any names and titles. He is the son of the Earth, and wherever he is he feels in its place. Now he lives in Turkey. He dreams of a New World like all intelligent and educated people and is ready to contribute to its creation.

Scientists from different countries attempted to meet him to understand the principle of his mathematical forecasts. The powerful figures of the world sought friendship with him, expecting to receive a favorable forecast of their further destiny…

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The essence of what is happening worldwide

The actions of the Russian authorities, allegedly have a "cunning plan."

The plan, of course, is present. But the hypocrites are not devoted to it, because they are weak-willed harmless pawns on the world chess board, seeing only one cell ahead on this board. In fact, these "elected" are completely under the control of the behind-the-scenes and operate within a strictly defined framework with no ability to make key decisions on their own. Now they have begun to understand that their masters, preparing to leave Russia, pit them against each other like scapegoats to cover their masters tracks. The whole "cunning plan" – is only delaying the inevitable end of the criminal regime and the more delay– the more criminal it is found to be. Although, at the same time, a smooth weakening is still more beneficial than a sharp collapse. Admittedly - they were the best KGB, GRU, and alpha officers, but the system of relationships based on betrayal due to strategic loss forces them to play by the rules of demons and and they will have to be punished with full force of the law. This is retribution due to the chain of treacheries and betrayals to the people as a whole, these are the conditions that make us realize the causes of the spiritual decay. But they do not want and cannot change, henceforth it will be necessary to rely on progressive people outside the system with new ideas of social structure and technologies, but demons cannot allow this, because then Russia will become a World leader — hence the intensification of tension between the people and the constant lies. The imminent, inevitable explosion to come, where people with ready-made solutions will inevitably come to the forefront, but for this purpose to the people as a whole according to the old tradition needs a combination of roasted rooster, cancer on the mountain and a man who is baptized.

Owners of the Russian demons.

The masters are those forces that put the "cunning plan" into practice - Cabalists, Illuminati, though the realities are a lot more complicated. They are, lets just say, for us they are Dark Powers. Their task is, with the help of a global World war, is to establish a "new world system" in which there are no Russian people: they prepare Russia, Ukraine, Belarus for dismemberment and cleansing. Using the stolen money from the Russian people by privatization figures, these same criminals are recruited to be against the Russian people. The reasons for this, at first glance, are purely economic. To do this, they have many levers and huge potential. These forces are authorized to redirect the hatred accumulated by people at their own discretion. And Russia is destined to become the point of their efforts — for Russia will quickly become a world leader after the regime change and demons, realizing their inevitable defeat, will want to slam the door loudly, but fail miserably.

World government

Today, there is no single centre, the events in the world are the result of endless confrontation of different forces, pursuing their own interests. There are more, and there are less powerful/influential groups. This is clearly seen in the example of the United States, as the World leader, having troops throughout the World that maintain some systems and order. These armies, like various U.S. intelligence agencies are in fact already private military companies which represent interests of corporations non-bound to each other. Each plays its own game, depending on the interests of diaspora (Jews living outside Israel, the dispersion or spread of any people from their original homeland) which is inhabiting the USA. In general, the dying American state uses all these forces as long as it can to hold its control at any cost even through direct destruction of its competitors through managed chaos... Read more

Can we trust Apple when it checks our images on iCloud? | Breaking News & Top Stories - FactoidBreak

Prevention of child abuse and violence compels Apple to take controversial measures.

After Apple updated its privacy policy at the end of 2019 and announced that it could check images for child abuse, the following statement of Jane Horwath is not surprising:

"As part of this commitment, Apple uses image-matching technology to help find and report child exploitation. Much like spam filters in email, our systems use electronic signatures to find suspected child exploitation. Accounts with child exploitation content violate our terms and conditions of service, and any accounts we find with this material will be disabled."

Yes, by choosing the iCloud service and paying for a subscription to store your data, you agree to the terms of use of the service - including the one that the company checks the materials uploaded to the cloud.

The company did not disclose how it checks images for child abuse, but many tech companies use a filtering system called PhotoDNA, in which images are checked against a database of previously identified images using a technology known as “hashing”. The technology is also used by Facebook, Twitter, and Google. If interested, you can read a detailed story about this system on the Microsoft website.

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State Duma of Russia is a puppet show for adults | Breaking News & Top Stories - FactoidBreaker

A little bit about the basis of our democracy, its symbol, and stronghold - the deputies of the State Duma. When we were called to vote for the people's representatives, we shouted loudly: they will monitor the executive branch, make its activities “transparent”, not a single violation will pass by them!

What happened in reality?

But in reality, another turbid wave of corrupt officials arose because the deputy (Duma member) is the same official: he gets a salary from the state for what he does or rather, he must do a certain job.

According to competent sources, our people's representatives, in addition to considerable salaries, have an incomparably more profitable “extra income” - lobbying in the Duma for the interests of financial groups, as well as individuals. That is, pushing through the necessary bills, amending laws and deputy inquiries.

The procedure is as follows. The cheapest lobbying service is considered to be a deputy inquiry to a government agency. In writing, it was estimated at a thousand and a half dollars. If the deputy’s personal intervention (a phone call, a visit) was required to increase the efficiency, the fee could rise to two and a half thousand.

Even more expensive is a deputy inquiry made at the plenary meeting of the Duma - up to one hundred thousand dollars. The initiative to introduce a new law is from forty to eighty thousand dollars.

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Banned for not featuring women. Political correctness gone wild | Breaking News & Top Stories - Fact

Political correctness has truly gone too far in the UK. Despite the core audience being 87.5% male, a PC Specialist ad has been banned for perpetuating “harmful gender stereotypes”.

The commercial isn’t diverse enough featuring a white man, a black man and an Asian man.

The UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (UK's regulator of advertising) banned ad after just eight "deeply offended" people complained.

Just recently, a Volkswagen commercial ad was also banned in the UK for violating “gender stereotypes” because it showed a woman caring for a baby.

The UK’s Advertising Standards Authority also banned a commercial with a sexy female mechanic after a single complaint because it could cause “offense” and was sexually suggestive.

There are no restrictions on ads showing obese people, although commercials featuring slender women working out are banned.

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Segway's S-Pod from future inspired by Pixar's Wall-E and Jurassic World | Breaking News & Top Stori

It's called S-Pod, the self-balancing egg-shaped wheelchair for adults to move effortlessly.

It's equipped with an auto-balancing technology developed by Segway, controlled by a small joystick positioned on the left armrest.

It seems to come straight out of the future as if from computer-animated science fiction film WALL·E, where humanity, addicted to technology and comfort, goes around on mobile chairs to avoid walking. The idea of the latest Segway product is exactly the same: to allow people to move around the city comfortably seated on a chair equipped with two wheels and an electric motor.

According to the company, the S-Pod was inspired by the gyrosphere from Jurassic World, used by the protagonists to move around the park. The S-Pod is meant to let people sit while they effortlessly cruise around campuses, theme parks, airports, and cities. The S-Pod is also characterized by a respectable maximum speed: almost 40 kilometers per hour.
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Sony unveils its first electric car Vision-S at CES in Las Vegas | Breaking News & Top Stories - Fac

Sony had never approached the automotive sector, but at the Consumer Electronic Show, it presented an electric vehicle equipped with numerous Sony systems and technologies. From the sensors used for safety inside and outside the passenger compartment to the entertainment system. It is not yet clear whether the car will be mass-produced or will remain a concept.

The electric car is equipped with 33 different internal and external sensors, several widescreen displays, and 360 Reality Audio audio system.

BlackBerry, Bosch, Nvidia, Qualcomm and others also participate in this project. The basis for the electric car was created by Magna, a manufacturer of auto parts.

Sony has said it wants to invest billions of dollars in the project. Although the car shown on the CES stage is currently only a concept, the hypothesis is therefore that Sony is willing to bring it to the market or to propose the technologies it possesses to third parties. In fact, Vision S is not only a vehicle - it's a 4-seater coupe driven by two fully electric 200 W motors capable of speeding it up to 100 km/h in 4.8 seconds and 240 km/h top speed - but it's also a real showcase for the solutions that Sony is developing for this sector.

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Division within US Establishment amid conflict with Iran | Breaking News & Top Stories - FactoidBrea

Let's take a look at the ins and outs of the Iranian response to American aggression.

The day before yesterday, a brigadier general of the US Marine Corps sent a letter to the Iraqi government about the upcoming withdrawal of troops from Iraq with the wording "out of respect for the independence of your country."

This news was confirmed by both the general himself and the Iraqi side. After which it was published by Reuters, TASS, and other news agencies. And if the Americans did so, then perhaps Iran would have less reason for the actions that they took tonight.

But after a couple of hours, there was already an urgent extraordinary briefing of the Pentagon’s head Mark Esper, who stuttering inconsistently stated “it was a mistake”, “it was a draft of the letter”, “it was incorrectly worded, we didn’t mean that”, "not a withdrawal, but a redeployment."

The first question that arises is: if they have such inconsistencies at the level of the high command, then how are they going to fight at all?

I imagined an urgent telegram “In the last order, it was a mistake: not to advance, but to retreat, not to bomb Bolivia, but Libya, and by the way, we forgot to hand out parachutes.” SNAFU!

Most likely, such inconsistencies and confusion arise, first of all, due to a split in the US establishment.

A striking example of this split (and one of the possible reasons for the appearance of yesterday’s letter) is the initiative of the Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, who introduced a bill restricting the Trump administration's ability to act in the Middle East.

At a time when the country is on the verge of slipping into a full-fledged war, the Democrats are trying to tie Trump's hand and foot. In this case, I strongly support the Democrats. I never thought that I would say something like that. Read more

The beautiful Russian athlete lives in the USA and is not going to leave | Breaking News & Top Stori

Russian long jumper Daria Klishina has been living in the United States since 2013. Here she trains and prepares for all major competitions. The Russian athlete is so accustomed to living abroad that it seems that she is not going to leave the US even after her career ends. In connection with what is happening in Russian athletics, this is not at all surprising.

A native of Tver began her career back in 2007, when she won the world championship for athletes no older than 17 years old. Since then, her credibility, experience, and results have only improved. Of course, the dream of any professional athlete is to perform at the Olympic Games, and in 2016 Daria managed to turn it into reality.

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